The Full Spectrum Hair Salon Reacts to Increased Volume

The Full Spectrum Hair Salon Reacts to Increased Volume

Pictured Above: The Ononogbu Family (Back row, from left) Dozie and Ruth Ononogbu. (Front row, from left) Lydia, Jeremiah and Joanna Ononogbu

In Oct. of 2010, Ruth Ononogbu opened The Full Spectrum Hair Salon at 305 E. FM 544 in Murphy. On Oct. 12, 2019, she will hold the grand opening of her new location at 141 N. Murphy Rd., also in Murphy.

Ononogbu provided background information as to why she originally opened the salon, “My family needed income at the time. I chose this location so that I could be close to home. We have three kids and we thought that being self-employed would allow for flexibility.” Ononogbu had been a hair stylist 24 years prior to opening Full Spectrum, however, this was her first salon to own.

The current location is 1,500 square feet. Originally, there were 10 stations, now there are 12 stations, but only nine are functioning due to electricity problems. This is one of the reasons Ononogbu knew it was time to find a larger place. Aesthetically, over the years, Ononogbu has made improvements to the salon, but she never felt like she captured the ambiance she was striving for due to the small space.

Two years ago, the search for a new location began. Ononogbu said, “At the very beginning, when I chose the name, in my head I saw people wearing shirts that said, “Have you had the Full Spectrum experience?” The experience at the salon has been good, but the experience I want is for the clients to remember how they felt and how they were treated while they were here. Because of the influx of customers, which we must fit in our tiny space, I feel like we have lost that experience. It’s almost chaotic instead of relaxing. Getting a new place is the right thing to do.”

The new location is 3,000 square feet. In addition to the stylist stations, there is space allocated to skincare. The shampoo room features a fireplace. Ononogbu said, “I’ve finally captured what I wanted. It’s a relaxing, beautiful place where we can give wonderful service. I love it.” She said the architects described their goal of the exterior as something with great curb appeal which would uplift the city and stand out.

Ononogbu drew inspiration for the design elements from her clients. She said, “The clients wanted a bigger place…a shinier place. I wanted it to be relaxing and beautiful. We captured all of that and it’s gorgeous.”

Currently, there are nine stylists and three support staff members. Two additional stylists and two aestheticians will join the team at the new location. They have allowed for growth and can increase to 18 stations. They have also increased their retail selection.

During the building process, Ononogbu has surprised herself in how powerfully she has held onto her dream. She said she had been pre-warned that the construction period can be tough, so she weathered that without worry. While getting permits from the city, she said she learned a lot. “The good thing about it is that I had a lot of people along the way who knew my dream and told me to hang in there. They said this is too good to let go.”

She is looking forward to seeing the joy on people’s faces when they see the new location. She said, “The stylists who have squeezed into that tiny place with me and the clients who have put up with the chaos while we grow; I will love to see their joy and happiness when they come into the new place and can breathe and enjoy themselves. I really can’t wait.”

When she looks at the almost completed building, Ononogbu said she feels that it is almost unreal. “It is one thing to have it written on paper…to have the expectation. But it is a different thing to be standing right in front of it and see that this has really happened.”

Ononogbu believes that new clients will be surprised to find such a high-quality experience in Murphy. Existing clients will be surprised by everything inside the new location. Ononogbu said, “They have been driving by and seeing the outside, but they don’t know what is inside. We are 100% different. I listened to their requests and took it up a notch.”

During the grand opening on Oct. 12 at 10 a.m., attendees will receive door prizes such as free shine treatments for the first 30 people. Additional specials will be given to clients who book appointments such as free blow out and styles, eyebrow wax, deep conditioning and full-size products. (Each of these specials are limited to a certain number of clients per special.) Additional specials are listed on the insert in this issue.

Hair services include everything from a haircut to hair extensions. Ononogbu said, “If you can dream it, we can do it.” They will accept their first clients at their new location on Oct. 14. Haircut prices range from $45 - $60. You can call them at 972-509-1565 or find them online at and on social media.

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