Wylie Children’s Dentistry has the Wow-Factor

Wylie Children’s Dentistry has the Wow-Factor

As a child, Dr. Allen Pearson enjoyed going to see his dentist. He said, “I unofficially interviewed my dentist and asked him what exactly dentists do. He got me interested in being a dentist. It is a really good field for someone like me. I like the science and medical fields. I like being around people and having the opportunity to own your own business. It just made sense.”

While in dental school, he was exposed to different types of specialties. Dr. Pearson realized he had a knack for communicating with children. He said, “It (pediatric dentistry) came naturally to me.” He did his three-year specialty training after residency. He said, “I never looked back. Even to this day, I would never do anything else besides pediatric dentistry.”

After extensively researching the demographics of the area, Dr. Pearson opened Wylie Children’s Dentistry at 520 W. Brown St. in Wylie in 2003.

Walking into Wylie Children’s Dentistry, you’ll be instantly ensconced in the wow-factor. The color scheme is bright and friendly and based on research by child psychologists as to what colors are mood improving. Dr. Pearson said, “It was designed by kids, for kids.” While in the waiting room, children are surrounded by entertainment options such as books, coloring, game consoles, iPads, televisions and so much more. The color-scheme continues into the open concept patient area. Televisions are ceiling mounted, facing downward, so that patients can watch a show while having their teeth worked on. For children who are a bit nervous, there is a quiet room where their dental procedures will take place. Going beyond the typical ‘pick your prize from the box’ after the appointment moment, at Wylie Children’s Dentistry, there is an illuminated prize wheel that adds a wonderful pop of excitement.

Adding substance to the fun, kid-friendly atmosphere is their philosophy that every kid is special. Dr. Pearson said, “Every child who walks in here has special needs to us…Every child gets specific individualized care. Whether it is specific counseling based on their dietary and consumption needs or oral hygiene needs. Every kid comes in here with a different story…we’re here to develop an optimal care package for every child.” At Wylie Children’s Dentistry, they are trained to work with children who are medically compromised, hospitalized, have disorders such as autism and Downs syndrome or have multiple disorders or other concerns. 

Bobbie Beane is a dental assistant and has worked at Wylie Children’s Dentistry for 14 years. She explained the reason for her loyalty, “I respect Dr. Pearson. He is a great dentist who thinks about the patient over the treatment. I also love the staff.” Stephanie Nimmo has worked here for 11 years. As a child, she was one of Dr. Pearson’s patients. Nimmo said, “Dr. Pearson read an article about my family in the newspaper. When I was young, my mother died from lung cancer leaving my dad raising the nine of us. Dr. Pearson called my dad and offered us free dental care.” Over the years he has helped her family in a variety of ways. 

Dr. Pearson’s one-year goal is to open a specialty clinic within this office for pediatric tongue ties. He has been going through extensive training for the last couple of years to do surgery on newborns with lip and tongue ties.

A myth that Dr. Pearson would like to dispel is the belief that because they are specialists, their fees are higher. This is not true. He said, “Our fees are exactly the same as general dentists.” Patients do not need to be referred to Wylie Children’s Dentistry, they can simply pick up the phone and make an appointment. They accept all major forms of insurance.

Wylie Children’s Dentistry is located at 520 W. Brown St., Suite B, Wylie 75098. Their hours are Mon - Thurs., 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Fri., 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. They are also available additional hours as the needed. For more information, call 972-429-7070 or visit their website at wyliekidsdds.com. (For current specials, see their ad on the back page.)

Dr. Pearson is the only Board-Certified pediatric dental specialist in Wylie.

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