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 »  Home  »  Local Government  »  Neighbor to Neighbor - Do I Need a Permit For That?
Neighbor to Neighbor - Do I Need a Permit For That?
By Margaret Malone | Published  07/17/2008 | Local Government | Interest Level:

Construction in General
Building contractors are responsible for registering themselves with the City before they start working for you. If they don’t comply they risk being fined and banned from working in Murphy at all. Any decent contractor knows the permit requirements for construction projects and understands the regulations involved. Rebuilding a shower, for example, is subject to specifications—codes— that ensure the construction is water- and mold-proof. Adding a new room is subject to codes that ensure your house doesn’t fall over. Electrical inspections…well, you wouldn’t want to get zapped when you plug in your nose-hair clippers, if you get my drift. A construction permit is a protective quality-assurance device.

Fences (Sections 18-299 and 86-782)
Good fences make good neighbors, as the saying goes. But it’s not that simple, so fence and wall building in the City requires a permit for new fencing or more than 25% of an existing fence. Fences intended to enclose large animals, for example, are subject to different regulations than those enclosing an average family lot. Section 18-299 provides specifications for normal residential fencing and the materials used to build it; the Animal Code provides additional requirements for housing livestock. Fence construction is also subject to City inspection and that’s a good thing.

Garage Sales (Section 22-401)
You can really make a nuisance of yourself by bending the garage sale concept. For that reason, you’re only allowed three in any calendar year and you must have a permit first. You can’t buy or manufacture merchandise purely for sale in this way, and you can’t run a garage sale for more than three consecutive days. There is no fee for a garage sale permit, which is easily obtained from City Hall (unless you don’t live in Murphy, in which case No Dice). Your permit must be displayed throughout the sale.

Pools (Sections 18-161–167)
If you’re going to drop 30 grand on a pool and its required enclosing fence, a permit is not only needed, it’s as good a decision as selecting a reputable contractor. Anything that combines big holes in the ground, tons of concrete, electrical wiring, plumbing and your family at least deserves a professional inspection.

Storage Sheds (Section 86-762)
If you want to construct a shed, you’ll need a permit for that too. Even if the shed is one of those nice rustic-looking prefabricated ones from Lowe’s. In the rear yard, the shed can be no closer than 10 feet to the side or rear yard and no closer than 10 feet from the house.

Signs (Section 86-415 for House-Sale Signs)
You don’t need a permit for this, but be sure your house-for-sale sign complies with City code. Roadside signage codes are intended to keep the community looking tidy and prevent obstruction of visibility on the roads. Regulations apply to all kinds of temporary signs, including those for garage sales and parties or other events.
Security/Fire Alarms (Section 6-1)

Alarm systems are great when properly operated and maintained. Every security alarm system in the City must be registered with the P.D. every year. Alarms that go wrong not only cause disturbance of the peace; they also waste police time. Alarms operating without a permit will get you a $159 fine.

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