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 »  Home  »  Local Government  »  Murphy?s Ambulance Service Goes 24/7 Today
 »  Home  »  Around Town  »  Murphy?s Ambulance Service Goes 24/7 Today
Murphy?s Ambulance Service Goes 24/7 Today
By Staff Writer | Published  03/1/2007 | Local Government , Around Town | Interest Level:
Staff Writer
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\"\"Firefighter and Paramedic Claude Causey announced that 24 hour emergency ambulance service in Murphy began today, March 1st, at 8 a.m. Ten additional paramedics have been hired making it possible for 2 paramedics to be on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All paramedics are also trained firefighters allowing cross-over staffing.

Murphy continues to be part of the S. E. Collin County Coalition but will be first responders to Murphy emergencies with coalition members second.

A new ambulance, purchased with a $35,000 grant from Texas Dept. of State Health, has been ordered for Murphy EMS. When it arrives mid-May the current ambulance will be held in reserve for times when the new ambulance is being serviced.?

Firefighter/Paramedic Causey said he would like to recognize and thank the City Administration and Council for supporting the 24/7 service that will provide Murphy residents they expect from their firefighters and EMS.

Pictured are: Back row:? Claude Cuasey and Randy Armstrong
Front row: Scott Potter, David English, Matt Gree, Brian Gullickson and Brent Ulch.