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 »  Home  »  Recreation  »  PSA Murphy Opening in October
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PSA Murphy Opening in October
By Karen Chaney | Published  09/22/2013 | Recreation , Health & Family | Interest Level:
PSA Murphy Opening in October

By Karen Chaney

PSA Murphy is 90% complete according to Bill Wadley, Chairman of PSA, architect with SHW Group and PSA coach for twenty-five years. The goal is to open the doors for business on October 1. If you would like a sneak peak, come by September 28 during Maize Days, tours begin at PSA’s east side entrance.

The number one reason Murphy was chosen as the newest PSA facility according to Wadley is location (two existing PSA facilities are located in Plano). The amount of families participating in PSA activities from Murphy and neighboring cities indicate that this is the perfect location. Another site that was in consideration is located in Carrollton; however that option would have involved converting an existing building. Reflecting on the choice to build in Murphy, Wadley finishes the sentence, “I’m so glad we…” with “…chose a park environment”. “Construction has been going along relatively smooth” tells Wadley. He says that what they proposed to city council is staying true to what is now being presented.

City Council members from other cities have come to visit the now enviable PSA Murphy as well as a minister from China.

When attending events at PSA Murphy Wadley hopes it will be exciting for children. “We want it to be very clean and wholesome. I want the kids to walk in the doors and say Wow!... I think they really will!” Beyond the aesthetic wow factor, Wadley hopes they have created a place where families meet other families and if, for example, a single mom cannot do it all by herself she will allow PSA to fill in the gap.

Environmental friendly green efforts have been made in the construction of PSA Murphy such as repurposing unused beams from the safe room into outside benches, not adding additional paint to interior beams and solar tubes which provide natural light access.

Wadley reports, “Our number one drive is recreation. We want to provide youth sports for everyone. All sports start as recreation so they (the children) can learn and get experience. We want this to be a positive environment, where kids will go away from this experience and play multiple sports.”

Registration has already begun for PSA Murphy. You can go to to register or go to one of the PSA facilities in Plano. Wadley shares, “All sports will be offered here.” Additionally he says, “As we begin to register and see the interest level, we will grow into it. We will figure it out.” As of now there are no special needs or homeschool programs available, but Wadley assures if the interest level is shown, they will form the programs. Scholarships are available.

If your child does not make a school team, PSA offers intramural teams for those age groups. A place where the child can build skills and try out for the school team again if so desired.

PSA 1 is 142,000 sq ft, PSA 2 is 78,000 sq. ft. PSA Murphy falls in between these sizes at 86,000 sq. ft. When Wadley first started at PSA there were 8,000 kids playing 4 sports. Today there are 74,000 kids playing 11 sports.

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