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 »  Home  »  Around Town  »  House Fire Occurs During Strong Storm in Murphy
House Fire Occurs During Strong Storm in Murphy
By City of Murphy | Published  09/13/2009 | Around Town | Unrated

On Friday September 11, 2009 at approximately 8:20 pm, Murphy Fire Rescue was notified of a structure fire in the 400 block of Gene Autry Lane in Murphy.

Upon arrival of the first firefighting apparatus, flames were emitting from the roof.? All known occupants were out of the home upon arrival with two small dogs unaccounted for.? With this information, crews entered the home to attempt fire containment and confirmation of no victims inside the home.?

As crews gained access to the attic areas, flames were seen filling this entire space.? Crews did attempt an aggressive interior attack yet this attack failed to improve the fire conditions.? At that time, crews were withdrawn from the structure as aerial firefighting equipment was placed into service to knock down the large volume of fire as the roof top continued to burn away.

Once the main body of fire was extinguished, crews with hand lines were ordered back into the home to finish extinguishment and begin salvage operations.? A secondary search for any victims was initiated at this same time.? Both dogs were located at this time and were carried out without showing obvious signs of distress.?

The cause of the fire is still under investigation at the time of this release.? Early indications are that this could be related to the storms that came through Murphy that evening.? Early indications lead investigators to believe the fire was a result of a lightening strike.

Initial estimates on the loss for the homeowners is set at $150,000.00 for the house and contents.?

41 firefighters from 6 different cities with 8 firefighting apparatus, and 6 chiefs responded to the fire.

Chief Mark Lee
Murphy Fire Rescue
206 N Murphy Rd
Murphy, TX? 75094